Canon, Century Optics Zoom 150-600mm/T5.6 PL

Remounted 150-600mm PL zoom lens with PL mount


The Canon 150-600mm/T5.6 film zoom lens is a Century Precision Optics conversion of the original EF lens and supplied with a 1.4x and 2x converter.

Canon, Century Optics

Lens Groupset

Canon Cine Zoom


EF Mount

Sensor Size/Coverage

Full Frame, Super-35

Lens Type

Zoom Lens

Canon 150-600mm/F5.6

  • Focal length: 150-600mm
  • Aperture ratio: 1:5.6
  • Lens Construction: 15 groups with 19 elements (including 8 UD glass elements)
  • Angles of view: Diagonal: 16°20′ – 4°10′ Vertical: 9°10’ñ2° 20′
  • Horizontal: 18°40′ – 3° 30′
  • Distance scale: (m) 3 (Magnification 0.07 x at 150mm. 0.26x at 600mm) to 100.OO (ft);
  • Focusing mechanism: Conventional Geared Ring
  • Zooming: Conventional Geared Ring
  • Minimum aperture: f/32. A
  • Diaphragm: Externally geared T-stop
  • Filter type: Rear section biterholder, drop in type 40.5mm
  • Hood: Built-in type
  • Cap: Exclusive (CF2-0716)
  • Length x max. diameter: tbc
  • Weight: tbc


Zoom Ratio 17x (optical), servo/manual


Mount PL
Focal Length 150-600
Aperture T5.6


Front Lens Diameter 125mm
Length ?
Weight 5.9kg
Canon/Century Zoom 150-600mm T6.7 PL
Filter 40.5mm Optical Flat Screw in
Lens Front Cap
Lens End Cap
Lens Hood
Filter 40.5mm ND 0.3 Screw in
Filter 40.5mm ND 0.6 Screw in
Filter 40.5mm ND 0.9 Screw in
2x Century extender for 150-600mm (Type A)
1.4x Century extender for 150-600mm (Type A)
Arri LS-19 Lens Support
19mm Support Rod 660mm
PL and EOS lens mounts

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