Dedo Parallel Beam intensifier

Dedo Parallel Beam attachment


Dedolight parallel beam attachment for DLED7 Dedo lights, 14 cm diameter. Increases the light output up to 300%.


This DPBA-714 Parallel Beam Intensifier fits to Dedo DLED7 and equivalent lamp heads and increases light output up to 313% (DLH4).

Simply used by sliding in at the light’s accessory slot and adjusting to the flood position; the new beam generated by this lens can be from 4° – 8° spread angles, depending on light model used. This Intensifier can be used with the classic Dedo 150, the DLH4 and DLHM4-300, giving them an incredible new use.

Parallel Beam Intensifiers, unique only to dedolight focusing lights, make using multiple Lightstream reflectors from one light source possible, as well as establishes a controlled virtual light source from the reflecting surface. “Lightstreaming” with Parallel Beam Intensifiers completely brings the reflectors to life in a systematic way with undeniably beautiful results.

This tool provides a powerful new function your dedolight which nothing else can do on the market.

Size Diameter: 14cm
Weight 2.2 lbs
Compatibility DLED7-BI
1 x Dedo Parallel Beam Intensifier Attachment for DLED7 head (DPBA-714).
1 x Dedo Honeycomb for Parallel Beam for DLED7 (DPBA-14 HON)

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