Easyrig MiniMax (2-7kg)

Easyrig Camera Body Mount


The Easyrig Mini Strong Camera Support supports from 2-7kg (4.4 to 14.4 lbs) of camera weight, takes the strain of the camera from your arms, leaving you with the sole job of pointing camera where you want to shoot.


The Easyrig MiniMax rig has optimum performance for camera systems weighing 2-7kg which is a popular range for today’s lightweight video and DSLR cameras.

A total redesign from the Easyrig Mini Strong version, this is the lightest Easyrig in the range which now includes a new lighter weight power pack capable of supporting cameras in the 2-7kg range.

The new model has more of a fluid feel than the previous model and incorporates a novel design feature providing built-in overload protection thus increasing its robustness in the field and making it much more reliable.  This causes a trip mechanism to engage when overloaded preventing the unit from damage.

The MiniMax also now incorporates the same pivoting arm as the larger Easyrigs to allow long periods of fatigue-free shoulder-mount operation for small cameras that are not in close proximity of the operator’s body, a mode which is physically demanding for anyone, even when using lightweight cameras.

The lightweight harness is also so easy to rig and transport.

Payload: 2-7kg.

Easyrig Minimax (2-7kg/4-15lbs TRH8)
Bag Soft MiniMax

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