Fomex Flexible 2′ x 1′ Bi-Col Light Panel (LED) FL-1200

Versatile 12v kit With goldmount battery clip


This is a unique type of LED light technology which uses bi-colour technology, a similar size and shape as the familiar 2x1 litepanel with a high light output, whilst being used in the supplied X-mount frame.  Very light makes it ideally suited for travel productions.


Lighting Technology

LED Panel

However this frame is removable and if used without it, can be used in a pliable, flexible waterproof mat format.  Fully adjustable colour temperature, dimmable, high colour rendering and battery/mains operation.

An ergonomic control knob and interface on a removable panel enables instant dimming from 100% to 0 with no colour shift.

Absolutely silent & flicker- free and heat-free, the system can be positioned comfortably close to a subject’s face, filling it with an unmatched quality of soft, wrap-around light.  Fully adjustable colour temperature, dimmable, high colour rendering and battery/mains operation.


  • Matt is only 5mm thick
  • Ultra lightweight & portable
  • 2′ x 1′ format fixture
  • Runs on AC adapter or battery (2 x Anton bauer batteries supplied in kit)
  • Heat-free & flicker-free
  • Dims 100% to 0 with no color shift
  • Adjustable colour tempererature (3200K-5600K)
  • Can work with or without X frame
  • for flexible mat operation
  • Water resistant light mat
  • Ballast-free
  • Weight: 1590g (matt and controller) without battery
  • Power Draw: 150 Watts @12V
  • Power Supply: 13.8-24V, AC Adapter 100-240V
  • Optional 2/4-way Anton Bauer battery kit (circa 40 mins per battery)
Power 60W
Dimmer 0~100%
Colour Temperature 3200K~5600K
Number of Diodes 576
CRI 95~98
IP Level IP64
Width 300mm
Height 300mm
Weight 387g
Lux at 1m 3200K: 1900lx
5600K: 2100lx
Controller Input: DC13.8~24V
Display: Mono LCD
CCT: 3200K~5600K
DIM: 0~100%
Dimensions: 204 x 99.8 x 55.5mm
Weight: 505g
Power Supply Input: AC10~240V 50/60Hz
Output: DC 15V, 4A, 60W
Kit Contents:
Fomex FL-1200 2x1 BI-Col LED Light Mat Head
Fomex FL-1200 Head 2X1 Diffusion Velcro Sheet
Fomex Softbox Diffusion 2x1 Velcro Sheet
Fomex FL 1200 Soft Box Incl Bag
Fomex Magnetic Clip-On Frame
Fomex Softbox Support Hook
K Clamp for Fomex incl plate
Fomex FL-1200 AC Mains Unit
Fomex FL-1200 Rigid Wire Frame Female Spigot
Fomex FL-1200 Ballast Incl AB Mount
Battery Adapter Converts Anton Bauer Gold Mount Batt to V-lok Body (V-lock Body)
Fomex FL-1200 Head To Ballast Ext Cable
Fomex FL-1200 Head To Ballast Ext Cable (Long)
Mains Cable IEC
Flight Case Fomex 1200
Light Stand - Lightweight 2-stage (75- 211cm, 4kg payload) 1052BAC (LS02)

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