Kino Flo Tegra 4ft 4 Bank Softlight

Kino Tegra Softlight


Kino Flo Tegra 4x4' florescent kit with built-in ballast unit, complete with C Stand.

Kino Flo

Lighting Technology


This is a DMX controllable Kino Fluorescent fixture that combines features of the popular Diva series with those of a traditional 4-bank Kino Flo to create a lightweight head with rear-mounted ballast, on-board dimming and output equivalent to a 1KW tungsten head.  Each tube can also be switched on/off individually and in common with other Kinos, a set of daylight and tungsten tubes are included in a hard case.

The added convenience in having the ballast on the rear of the light is clear but this becomes a pain when you want to dim the lights when they are mounted 7 foot high on a C stand, so VMI’s tegra kits also include a cabled remote dimmer unit, so that you can control the lamp from a distance.

Spun and Gels are supplied as chargeable consumables.

Kit Contents:
Kino Tegra Lamp Head
Kino Tegra Flight Case
5 Kino 4' Tube (Tungsten) Bulb
5 Kino 4' Tube (Daylight) Bulb
Tegra Remote Dimmer unit
Tegra 15ft stereo 1/4" jack cable
Flozier DFS-4804-H Tegra
60° Tegra Crate Frame
90° Tegra Crate Frame

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