Lastolite Skylight Rapid 2×1 Reflector System

2'x1' Reflector System Silver/White

£15.00 / day
£60.00 / week

Lastolite collapsible 2'x1' reflector system with rigid aluminium frame and silver/white reflector and 1.25 stops diffuser in a convenient travel bag

Kit Contents:
Lastolite Reflector 2'x1' Skylight Rapid Frame (Medium) (LL LR812
Lastolite Rapid 1.25 Stops Diffuser (LL LR81207R)
Lastolite Rapid Silver/White reflector (LL LR81231R)
Lastolite Rapid Skylite Rapid Bag (LL LA8444)
Light Stand - Lightweight 2-stage (75- 211cm, 4kg payload) 1052BAC (LS02)
Lastolite Holder

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