OrcaVue Life “Bullet time 360 Rig”

OrcaVue Life Travel Package, VMI mod


Unique 'Bullet time 360" rig for providing the ultimate 'hero' selfie.

Unique ‘Bullet time 360″ rig for providing the ultimate ‘hero’ selfie.

Traditionally, you needed a fixed rig of perhaps 50 DSLR cameras in a circle to make this shot with a lot of crew, know-how and data.  Today, you only need a single GoPro and an OrcaVue platform.

Creates a unique shot when used in conjunction with DSLR/GoPro type cameras reminiscent of the Matrix “Bullet Time” shot which only makes sense when you see the shots that it facilitates.

User Feedback

“It was a fun tool to use!.  100fps from our old GoPro looks great doing the 360 degrees.  One thing to be aware of is that if you go full speed for a long period of time then there is a possibility that the GoPro arm might start tilting down so the user has to be aware.” Stephen Roach, Merchant Cantos.

Recommended Cameras

  • iPhone 6 or 6 plus
  • GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition
  • Sony FDR-X1000V Action Cam
  • Panasonic GH4
  • Sony Alpha A7s – in our view, these are the heaviest cameras to use with this system, as heavier cameras will necessarily limit the speed of rotation that the system can be used with.
  • *Canon 70D
  • *Canon 6D
  • *Canon 5d Mark III
  • *Nikon D800


VMI has taken the standard package and modified it to work with Anton Bauer power for a more reliable solution.

Max Payload: 160kg/350 lbs (2 people)

Platform Size: 60cm/24 inch

Camera Swing Arm Diameter: 1.8-3.3m/6-11 ft

Weight (including counter wt.): 16.8kg/37 lbs

RPM (revolutions per minute): 20-150

Supported Camera Examples GoPro, Small DSLR, Smartphone

Camera Weight Maximum: 450g/1 lb

1 x AC Input Cable 13A(M) - IEC(F)
1 x Anton Bauer Charger Twin 8475-0072
2 x Battery Anton Bauer Dionic HC
2 x OrcaVue Lock off screws
3 x Small Weights
2 x Allen key

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