Panther FlexGrip Slider Kit

Heavy duty super-smooth slider with bowl and MOY options

£150.00 / day
£450.00 / week

The Panther FlexGrip slider is a quality heavy-duty slider/dolly which incorporates 12 skateboard wheels running on high grade aluminium track and is compatible with all camera weights including Alexa.  The track is extendable and the system is very versatile.

Tripod Head Mount


It comes with a sturdy camera platform with 150mm bowl or 100mm bowl tripod head or can be offered with MOY option too (additional charge) for maximum versatility.

Included with the package are 2 x lengths of 1.5m track which can be mounted on 3 x tall or short lighting stands or it may be placed directly on a tabletop or floor and is leveled with supplied levelling feet.

A well designed device with multiple applications can take the weight of small to heavy cameras including Alexa or Epic weight camera systems.

Note that this is a custom configuration of the FlexGrip kit without the tile slider and leg extensions.

It is supplied pre-assembled in a flight case and is supplied with 4 x sections of 5ft (3m) total.


  • Type of wheels: Track
  • Type of wheels: High Grade Polyurethene
  • Track and base up to 250kg payload capability (stands permitting!)

Payload: Up to 250kg*

1 x Panther 3m FlexGrip Slider With Boss Fitting
4 x Panther Track 5'
3 x Panther Inter-Track Joiner
3 x Stand, Avenger Baby Combo Silver Steel / 64-100cm A1010CS
1 x Boss-100mm Bowl Adapter
1 x Boss-150mm Bowl Adapter (World Cup)
2 x K Clamp
3 x Baby Combo stand bag
Panther FlexGrip Track Bag 15 x 30 x 170 8kg
Panther FlexGrip Slider Case 32 x 85 x 75 35kg

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