Preston Digital Microforce Zoom Control

Preston Microforce Zoom Controller


Preston Digital Microforce Zoom Control complete with Oppenheimer bracket and external zoom servo for film lenses.


VMI also include a handheld adapter for the Oppenheimer bracket as part of the standard package, so that the Microforce can be used in a handheld configuration instead, with one handle controlling zoom control.

1x Preston zoom control
1x External Preston zoom servo with 15mm and 19mm bar support
1x Oppenheimer bracket
1x Shoulder mount adapter bracket
1x Cable Preston Microforce 'Y' D-Tap (1227)
1x Cable Preston Microforce ’Y' 3-pin RS (1221)
1x 19mm - 15mm, Step Down Ring
1x Microforce Zoom Flight Case
1x Cable Preston Microforce Canon video HD (1238)

**Available upon request**
​1x Microforce to Arri rossette adapter

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