Prosup Tango Undersling Kit (10kg payload)

Prosup Tango Slider


This is an undersling version of the Prosup Tango Roller lightweight slider system.  We recommend that this kit be able to support camera loads of upto 10 kg/22 lbs.  The kit includes 2.2 m length of track and end stops.


Extendable from 1.2m to 2m without any ‘bump’ at the connecting points.  Magnetic ends to assure a smooth end of rail stop. Comes in its own specific case to ensure safe and easy transportation.

VMI Prosup Tango Undersling Slider Configuration

The system is supplied in one main case

  • Prosup Tango Kit with 2.2m track
  • Undersling Kit
  • 100mm bowl fit for appropriate tripod head (Optional extra)
  • 2 x Heavy Combo Stand with casters required (110-198cm)
  • or 2 x single wind-up stands (139-247cm) required.

Please note that you will need a 100mm tripod head and 2 x Heavy Combo Stand with casters (110-198cm) (optional extra) to mount the system off the ground and provide a head to mount a camera.

Payloads: 10kg

1 x ProSup Tango Dolly (2 Pieces)
1 x ProSup Tango 1.2M Track Incl Central Tripod Adapter
1 x ProSup Tango 1.M Track
1 x ProSup Tango Slider Beam Underslung
1 x ProSup Tango Undersling Bracket for use with E-Jib and Beam
1 x ProSup Tango Dolly 100mm Bowl
1 x ProSup Tango Dolly 150mm Bowl
2 x ProSup Tango Dolly 150mm Bowl Riser (including 2 or 4 screws)
3 x ProSup Tango Floor Spreaders Incl Leveling Feet
1 x ProSup Tango Male Lock off
1 x ProSup Tango Female Universal Lock off
2 x ProSup Tango Monopod
4 x ProSup Tango Stand Spigot
1 x ProSup Tango Magnetic End Stop
1 x ProSup Tango Magnetic End Stop Incl Lock Off
1 x Arri Handle 5mm Allen
2 x Stand, Avenger Low Combo Black Alu / 110-198cm A1020B (low boy)
Peli Case ProSup Tango 20 x 133 x 16 22.5kg
ProSup Tango Undersling Bracket Case 43 x 53 x 22 6.9kg
Case ProSup Beam Tube  28 x 133 x 34 15.4kg

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