Ronford Baker 3ft (0.9m) Slider

Heavy duty slider


Ronford Baker 3ft slider kit - requires heavyweight legs or bazooka for operation – suitable for all cameras.

Ronford Baker

Tripod Head Mount


Fitted with a Moy plate and can be supplied with a Moy to 150mm bowl fitting without charge.

Length: 35″ (89cm)
Camera travel: 26″ (66cm)
Dry Weight: 28.5lb (13kg)
Dimensions 36.5x10x6.5″ (93x25x15cm)
Shipping Weight (cased): 57lb (26kg)
Shipping Dimensions (cased): 40x10x12.5″ (101x25x31.5cm)

Ronford 3Ft Slider
2 x Miller Monopod Cat311 (Solopod)
2 x Ronford removable Soft Stopper
Ronford 3Ft Slider Case
2 x Monopod Cam Holder
O'Connor Moy Lock Off

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