Ronford Baker F7 Tripod Head

Heavy-duty film head


The Ronford-Baker Fluid 7 head is designed for use with Moy or bowl legs and has a nodal characteristic, making it better suited for low-angle shots in underslung mode.

Ronford Baker

Tripod Head Mount


It has two sealed fluid units allow control to be varied through seven stages, from a cushioned free movement to the heaviest control needed, by the use of three simple on/off levers. Both pan and tilt actions are continuous through 360 º, depending on the length of the lens and camera.

The Fluid 7 can be supplied with a variety of platform widths, quick change spacing blocks and riser plates as illustrated. The platform is adjustable for height to suit the centre of gravity of the camera in use. A second pan bar of the platform, with ratchet adjustment to suit the requested height.

Compatible with Moy or 150mm bowl fitting.

Technical Specifications

  • Operation temperature range
  • +150ºF to -40ºF (+60ºC to -40ºC)
  • Weight: 17lb 14oz (8kg) standard
1 x Ronford F7 MkIV Tripod Head
1 x Ronford Lock Off
1 x F7 Pan Bar Angled
1 x ** Enter Tall Legs Moy *** (£25pd)
1 x F7 2 1/2 Riser
1 x F7 Pan Bar Articulated
1 x F7 Bowl-MOY adapter
2 x Allen key
1 x F7 Wide Platform
1 x F7 Extra Wide Platform
1 x F7 Block For Wide Platform
1 x F7 Block For Extra Wide Platform

Tripod Head Flight Case 2575/2065 48 x 48 x 44 26kg

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