Sachtler Cine-30 HD 3 stage CF Tripod


Sachtler head with 150mm bowl fitting for HD applications. Compatible with the 7065 Rolling Spider Dolly.


Tripod Head Mount

150mm Bowl

Due to its intelligent design, this beefy head can counterbalance very light cameras (from 3.5kg) all the way to 35kg, which makes it suitable for everything from the smallest HDV cameras to fully loaded RED cameras with all of the trimmings.

150mm bowl fitting with bowl-moy adapters make this suitable for all leg options and dollies.

Supplied as standard with 3-stage carbon fibre legs and 150mm bowl fitting.

Sachtler’s fluid head Cine 30 HD features a side-load mechanism for the camera plate.  The mechanism is compatible with camera plates from O’Connor and ARRI.  If you need a front box for all sorts of utensils or tools, it is simple to mount an adapter which is exceptionally practical for film and HD shooting.

Payload 3kg-35kg.

Sachtler Cine-30 Tripod Tube: 115 x 34 x 28cm    16.60kg
Country Of Origin: Germany

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