Teradek RT 3-axis wireless lens control system (CTRL.3 FIZ) with Latitude option

Teradek RT CTRL.3, 3-axis wireless lens control option with Latitude option and RED/OMOD integration - latest 3rd generation (RT Motion)


The latest generation Teradek RT 3-axis wireless lens control system, completely redesigned and now incorporating a new controller which has the same diameter focus knob and feel of Preston FIZ systems, includes premarked rings and extremely small brain (140g).  Latitude RED integration module and thumbwheel controller are also included as standard.  Powerful near-silent motors; 1.5km range (5,000ft); no noticeable latency.


This newly designed3-axis wireless lens control system includes a built-in integration option for RED DSMC2 cameras (such as RED DSMC2-Helium, RED DSMC2-Gemini or equivalent) and will control focus and iris wirelessly on the supplied hand unit controller as an alternative mode of operation.

Same size and feel of a Preston FIZ Focus Knob

Most importantly, the brand new CTRL.3 handset incorporates the same diameter focus knob and feel of Preston FIZ systems, also lens mapping with premarked rings included and also features an extremely small brain which only weighs 140g.

Small HD Focus data overlay function

CTRL.3 and CTRL.1 feature lens data overlays on SmallHD monitors running Pagebuilder OS3. Get critical follow focus information directly on your monitor including lens focal distance, focal length, iris, zoom and more.


  • Teradek RT/RTMotion CTRL3.1 Controller with wireless zoom, focus and iris control (FIZ)
  • 1500m (5000ft) range
  • Touch sensitive zoom knob
  • Fluid feel focus knob
  • Focus knob feels (and is the same diameter) as Preston FIZ!
  • Mapable Iris slider
  • Lens mapping capability with supplied premarked lens rings
  • Lens data overlays when used with SmallHD monitors (optional extra)
  • 2 x customisable wheels
  • Limit buttons for all 3 axes
  • Compact powerful motors with very quiet operation
  • Very small receiver (140g) with OLED display
  • Teradek RT iOS App – permits FIZ settings and sharing of lens maps and pairs devices
  • Latitude controller included which totally integrates with DSMC2 platform cameras and permits control of focus and iris motors of electronic EF lenses without using external motors.
  • integration to optional OMOD COMMAND RT module for RED DSMC2 body.

Equally suited to film or DSLR lenses, modern or vintage lenses.

RED Compatibility

Integration with the RED cameras is where the RTMotion comes into its own.

VMI supply the Latitude controller as standard with all RTMotion kits.  This controller is used in place of the universal RTMotion ‘brain’ unit and will interface with RED EPIC cameras and DSMC1 & DSMC2 bodies and above, such as RED DSMC2-Helium, RED DSMC2-Gemini or equivalent.

In doing so, this provides additional functionality to the controller.  Specifically, the Latitude module requires your RED camera to be fitted with an EF mount and EF lens and then you can control the focus and iris from the 3.1 series hand unit using the servos built into the lenses without fitting external servos.

What is more, the thumbwheel control (also provided as standard on VMI units) will allow the operator to control focus locally too, so very well suited to Gimbal use.

Please read VMI’s article: WLCS Systems, All you need to know to explore the question of how to choose between the various systems and to introduce the range of WLCS systems which VMI arguably considers the best in their field and explain why we think that they work very well in given scenarios.


The independently powered Latitude controller (supplied) will allow wireless control of your RED camera using WiFi or up to 1.5Km away using the FOOLCONTROL over RF link.  Full RED control including playback of images and camera setups can be achieved using the FOOLCONTROL iPhone App.

Note that if you need to control the zoom locally and other lens functions remotely, then consider the Preston Microforce Zoom Controller system, though this will not be controllable wirelessly with this system. 

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