Wooden Camera Zip Box 4×5.65 Single Clip-on 1-stage Matte Box (110-115mm adjustable clamp)

Rubber PV sized filter holder with adjustable clamp fitting


The Wooden Camera Zip Box 4x5.65" (110-115mm) single stage matte box is a rubber filter holder which clamps tight onto lenses which have a front element of between 110 and 115mm.

Wooden Camera

Filter Size

PV (5.65" x 4")

The lens shade design allows for even the widest lenses and sensor sizes to be covered without vignetting. Zip Box is extremely lightweight and weighs about the same as a standard filter which makes it perfect for gimbal and drone use. Stainless steel components and unibody rubber design are very durable and stand up to the toughest conditions.

It is important to note that you should measure based on outside lens diameter and not based on the threaded filter ring size.

We carry 3 different versions of this matte box filter holder to work with lenses where the front elements are inside the following ranges:

  • 80-85mm (5.65″ x 4″, single filter holder)
  • 90-95mm (5.65″ x 4″, single filter holder)
  • 110-115mm (5.65″ x 4″, single filter holder)
Wooden Camera Zip Box Single Clip-on 1-stage Matte Box LMB 110-115mm

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