Subsidised Transport Service

As well as a 24-hour timed delivery/collection service, VMI also provides a subsidised untimed delivery and collection service, applicable for all orders confirmed 24 hours before delivery within a 10 mile radius of VMI and subject to £250 minimum order.

The idea here is that if you can be flexible about your delivery/collection schedule and accept that transport can come during an am/pm time slot, then our drivers can complete more drops on their rounds. This is good for the environment and also saves us money, which we pass onto you by offering complementary transport.

The radius for subsidised delivery and collection

  • Includes Central London, the City, North, West and much of East London.
  • Extends to within 20 miles on orders over £350.
  • Client Cooperation expected with regard to parking and loading/unloading – see below

VMI subsidised non-timed delivery/collection service:

VMI will arrange to deliver/collect in either am or pm slots (non time-sensitive).

As such, we will endeavour to deliver/collect either between 9am and lunchtime or from lunchtime to 6pm at a non time-specific time.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a subsidised service outside these arrangements, so if the window is not suitable please advise VMI and your collection will be amended to a timed service and the appropriate collection charge will apply.

We appreciate that this isn’t always possible or practical, so we also offer timed deliveries for large/regular deliveries, anywhere in the UK and the rates are detailed below. See full delivery charges section

Loading and Unloading Considerations

VMI Provide single-driver vehicles and whilst we will endeavour to be as helpful as we can when loading and unloading, the limited parking of London streets and design of older buildings can make this difficult. We allow for just 10 minutes of loading/unloading time from the kerb to ensure that we keep to our schedules and promises.

With this in mind, please ensure that you provide assistance for our helpful drivers, otherwise you may be charged or a risk having a delivery/collection refused.

If however you are aware that the delivery/collection is likely to be challenging, then let us know in advance. This way, we can plan for this by providing an assistant for the driver, though be aware that this will be chargeable.

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