(Flexible, Individual, Lightweight, Mobile)

A new concept for camera hire

GoFILM is a new approach to building your small/medium size camera kit from VMI.

With a constantly changing array of camera bodies available (and more to come post NAB), it is becoming increasingly challenging to offer ‘one size fits all’ packages as the choice and diversity of DSLR and small 4K products require a more bespoke kit building process.

Continuing on from the success of our Spring promotion, we aim to bring you the most cost effective camera bodies currently available in the UK market place. Then with the ‘GoFILM’ accessory building process, we will provide you with your exact requirements in the most efficient way

Our exacting clients for Dramas and Commercials require highly detailed equipment with specifications for every eventuality and each component is beautifully presented in custom flight cases but this is at odds with more mobile productions, who simply want to minimise the number of cases supplied, pile onto a taxi; visit a client; shoot and then return…

Our clients have told us that a more fluid style of equipment presentation is required – so we have dreamt up the ‘GoFILM’ concept.

GoFILM is Convenient, Lightweight and Mobile

We will endeavour to ship your kit in as few cases as possible and for the DSLR world particularly, our aim would be to provide all the kit in one wheeled Pelicase with only a tripod and any lighting as separate cases. Specific equipment allowing, it will be possible to fit six or seven cases into one easily manoeuvrable case, reducing the physical footprint by a considerable margin.

Cameras like FS-7 and C300s have inconvenient viewfinders which, try as we might, simply don’t fit into these GoFILM wheelable flight cases easily, without potentially damaging the cameras, so for these cameras, we can offer you Portabrace bags in place of the usual flight cases. Available options will be offered you at point of hire with your client contact.

GoFILM is Individual

We are now also offering all EF, E Mount and Distagon prime lenses as individual hire items, So if you just need two lenses, you just get two lenses, instead of hiring 5 contained in a large case.

GoFILM is Cost Effective

Many GoFilm specific cameras body prices for have recently been reduced to ensure that we offer you the most competitive hire rates.

GoFILM is Flexible

We have GoFilm Accessories or for ease, visit the website with the new GoFilm link for easy navigation (see new menu tab on our website shown in yellow)

GoFILM even works with pre-built cameras

A recent innovation at VMI saw us investing in ARRI Cage systems which give additional stability to camera, provide a really solid handle and lots of anchoring points to mount peripherals.

However, the question of how to case this was mooted. We decided to build small ‘coffin cases’ which can ship small cameras like C300, FS700, DSLR Cameras etc fully built complete with Matte Box and Follow focus. It really does stop there and isn’t strictly speaking a ‘GoFILM’ solution but if you are ordering one of these kits and would prefer to have the camera supplied built, then we can offer this service to you.

GoFILM now for lighting

VMI has pioneered offering lighting kits also in an easily transportable format – see Photon Beard LED Head kit below.

This 2-light LED kit is a modern version of an old favourite and is both mains and battery powered working in tungsten or daylight colour temperature and the supplied battery kit allows 55 mins run time for both lamps but best of all, you can roll the kit in its case straight to location (note battery kit supplied in separate GoFILM case).

Our rental team will help you to begin your journey

*Please note that PL lenses will always be shipped in their original flight cases and sets

*GoFilm re-packing will be carried out by VMI techs and the actual number of cases shipped will be determined by the need to preserve the integrity and safety of the equipment.

*All GoFilm kits are subject to availability so please get your confirmed orders in early

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