Carbon-neutral hire since 2022

VMI, as a recognised Albert supplier, has taken great strides to reduce its impact on the environment and continues to do so, going forward, wherever and whenever possible, becoming fully Albert-certified Carbon Neutral for the first time in 2022.

VMI’s third carbon audit for 2023 has been published and audited by Albert and invested in an approved offsetting scheme to ensure that VMI is officially Carbon Neutral since 2022.
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Watch this short film to show how VMI’s approach to sustainability has transformed it to become an Albert-approved Carbon-Neutral rental company.

VMI has more than halved its 2019 carbon emissions by 2023, some two years ahead of schedule and offset its emissions in an Albert-approved a Brazilian Rainforest project, to become a fully recognised Albert-Approved Carbon Neutral organisation in 2023.

In June 2021, VMI committed to becoming a net-zero contributor by 2030 and publicly reporting all emissions in order to achieve this lofty goal.

VMI’s efforts on sustainability and its wider influence on the rental industry to help bring about lasting sustainability changes won VMI the Hero of Net Zero award, presented to VMI at the International COP26 climate summit in November 2021.

After three years of dedicated efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, VMI surpassed expectations with a remarkable 13.4% reduction in its operational carbon footprint in 2023 compared to 2022, which have helped to decrease VMI’s entire carbon footprint by more than half from its new 2021 base year of 213T to 105T in 2023.

These numbers, meticulously calculated in accordance with SBTi guidelines, reflect VMI’s dedication to surpassing industry standards and driving meaningful change in sustainability practices.

It won further recognition from West London Business, who awarded VMI to be Park Royal Business of the Year 2022 and Barry Bassett, West London Business Leader of the Year in 2022. Success continued in the West London Business awards 2023, with VMI winning a ‘Highly Commended’ for Park Royal Business of the Year and named a finalist for Race To Zero Company of the Year, in response to the company’s efforts to galvanize the industry around net-zero targets.

In order to achieve net-zero by 2030, VMI has committed to and reducing its emissions every year publishing all results on its website. 

VMI has used energy from 100% renewable sources since 2017 and installed 55KW of Solar Panels across both of its buildings and produces much of its own energy using its own solar panels. In May 2023, VMI even became a net exporter of power, generating and exporting more power from the grid than it imported.

VMI generates no landfill and has eradicated using single-use plastic and even seals filters in bags made from 100% biodegradable potato starch.

VMI has committed to migrating almost all of its vehicle fleet to EVs by 2024, eradicating unnecessary plastic waste, using only recycled paper, committing to using only sustainable transport, exclusively using green energy of the highest environmental standards and publicly reporting annual emissions in order to achieve this ambitious goal.

VMI has been a living wage employer for 6-years since 2017 and in 2021, earned a great place to work certification, surpassing the requirement with an impressive 96% employee satisfaction rate and secured the a top 100 poisition in the UK best workplaces award for 2022.

We have run 5 years of wellness days, designed and run an apprenticeship programme and supports young filmmakers by supporting the Roundhouse Young Creatives Group, run Bootcamps for entrants to the TV industry and sponsor the annual UK KIFF film festival.

VMI is a founder member of an independent group of rental companies who share best-practice to promote sustainable business and sharing everything that we have learnt about sustainability on the Rental Industry Sustainability Site, in order to share best-practice.

VMI continue to support this initiative, which we call the Green Pledge V4.5.

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