Aladdin A Lite LED Top Light (bi-col)

Light Panel LED Kit


The Aladdin A-Lite is a high end bi colour on-board light with integrated battery and noga arm.


Lighting Technology

LED Panel

High quality light output (over 95 CRI & TLCI), dimmable and bi-colour operation too (tungsten and daylight).

Integrated battery allows a run time of 1-2 hours (2 x batts supplied in kit) and can be charged over the micro USB.

Super slim and robust with an aluminium frame and supplied with Noga arm for universal mounting and diffuser plate and also D-Tap cable for external powering option.

Kit Contents:
Aladdin LED A-LITE Bi-Color Head
Battery Aladdin for A-LITE 4.35V 11.4Wh
Cable Aladdin D-Tap to 5V Female USB Cable
Cable Aladdin USB Cable to mini USB
Aladdin A-LITE Diffuser Plate
Aladdin A-Lite Case
Noga Medium Arm

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