Aladdin Eye Lite LED Top Light

Aladdin Eye Lite Light Panel LED Kit (bi col)


The Aladdin Eye-Lite is a basic bi colour on-board light with integrated battery and noga arm.


Lighting Technology

LED Panel

High quality light output (over 95 CRI & TLCI), dimmable and bi-colour operation too (tungsten and daylight).

Integrated battery allows a run time  of 1-2 hours (batt is not removable) and can be charged over the micro USB.

Super slim and compact and supplied with Noga arm for universal mounting and D-Tap cable for external powering option.

Kit Contents:
Aladdin LED EYE-LITE Bi-Color Head
Cable Aladdin USB Cable to mini USB
Power Adapter D-Tap Loop - USB 5v
Noga Medium Arm

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