Angelbird Angelbird 500GB Master Caddy 4K RAW SSD for the ATOMOS 560/520MB/s

Master Caddy 4K RAW REV.1 560MB/s


Angelbird Master Caddy 4K RAW 500GB SSD REV.1 compatible with the ATOMOS Shogun Inferno, ATOMOS Shogun Flame, ATOMOS Shogun, ATOMOS Ninja Flame and ATOMOS Ninja Inferno.


Media Standard

Atomos Master Caddy

The Master Caddy 4K RAW is a custom designed SSD for Atomos products that integrates the Master Caddy rails into a rock solid aluminium body

Quick grip release

Angelbird Stable Stream™ designed for recording high data rate CDNG RAW and 4Kp60 video recordings.


¹ Some cards are not compatible with all recording formats and resolutions. Please check here for more details.

² Shogun Studio, Blade Series and Ninja 2 are not compatible as they do not fit in the drive slots

³ Please note Rev.1 is the higher casing design which does not work with the SUMO, Shogun Studio or Blade Series. Rev.2 has a thinner casing that compatible with all Atomos Devices

The Angelbird Master Caddy 4K RAW 500GB SSD is ready for anything your ATOMOS recorder can throw at it

Records high frame rates and raw CDNG files with ease, thanks to the unique feature set and its sustained write speed up to 520MB/s

Angelbird MasterCaddy 500GB ATOMOS SSD memory card hires can be placed in a compact 1120 Peli case for easy storage and/or transportation.

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