Angenieux Optimo Zoom 56-152mm T4 (2x) anamorphic zoom

Anamorphic short zoom


The Angenieux Optimo 56-152mm T4 (2x) anamorphic zoom lens is an extremely portable and lightweight zoom designed for anamorphic productions with its 2x sqeeze.


Lens Groupset

Angenieux Optimo 2x Anamorphic zoom


PL Mount

Sensor Size/Coverage

Super-35 Anamorphic (4:3)

Lens Type

Zoom Lens

Incredibly portable and lightweight incorporating its 2x squeeze, a fast aperture of T:4 and no ramping or breathing, the Optimo Anamorphic 56-152mm 2S Zoom Lens delivers exceptional optical performance not previously achieved with an anamorphic lens.

Based on the optical design of the popular Optimo 28-76mm, the Optimo Anamorphic 56-152mm 2S Zoom Lens features all of the remarkable characteristics shared by the Optimo series, including pristine optics, high precision mechanical zoom system and 320° focus rotation with over 50 focus marks.

The unique optical design combines spherical and cylindrical elements in the same group, giving the 56-152mm lens exceptional sharpness and low distortion for an anamorphic zoom. Furthermore, the flexibility of a 2.7x zoom range is perfect for framing without the need to move the camera forward or backwards.

The lens is extremely compact, weighing only 4.8lb or 2.2kg, so it is extremely suited to handheld or steadicam operation – a rarity with anamorphic lenses.

  • 2:1 horizontal squeeze achieved by cilinder optics in the rear part of the lens
  • Perfect homogeneity of color, contrast, resolution and low distortion typical of the Optimo series
  • Constant T4 across zoom range
  • Minimal breathing suitable for rack focusing
  • Extreme close focus at 2″1′ or 0.63m
  • Very low distortion on all focal lengths and at all focus distances
  • The lightest and most compact anamorphic zoom in the market
  • Precise and ergonomic focus ring with scale rotation of 320 degrees & over 50 focus marks. Interchangeable focus scale ring from feet to meters
  • 114mm diameter front ring for standard accessories
  • Precised and rugged travelling of the zoom and focus groups using Angénieux classic rod mechanical guiding system
  • Suited for extreme production environments (temperature range from -20°C to +45°C)
  • Special Uncoated Front Element – standalone accessory – for a distinctive anamorphic look (softer image contrast and additional flares)
  • Available in PL mount. Easily interchangeable with PV Panavision mount (& EF on demand)
  • Can be used with the ASU – Angénieux Servo Unit

Field of view for 35 mm 4 perf. (21.95×18.6 mm, 28.8mm diagonal)

Focal Length 56 mm 152 mm
Horizontal angular field of view 42.8° 16.4°
Vertical angular field of view 18.7° 7.1°


FOCAL LENGTH 56 – 152 mm
APERTURE f/3.6 – T4
2 ft 1 in – 0.63 m
4 perf. scope+: 28.8 mm diagonal
4.8 lbs – 2.2 kg
LENGTH 210 mm


Angenieux Optimo Zoom 56-152mm T4 PL Anamorphic
Lens Front Cap (114mm)
Lens End Cap
LS-19 Lens support
LS-15 Lens support
Leg 30 mm
Zoom Bar Long

Angenieux Optimo Zoom 56-152mm Peli Case: 43 x 27 x 23cm  6.20kg
Country Of Origin: France

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