ARRI MB20 4×5.65 Prod. Matte Box

Matte Box


ARRI MB-20 is a compact, lightweight production matte box complete with side wings, French flag and 2 x 4x5.65 filter trays.  Also fits 1 x 5.65x5.65 filter which spills top and bottom of matte box for large blenders/grads.  Mounts on the 15 or 19 mm support rods of conventional bridge plates.



Filter Size

PV (5.65" x 4")

The MB-20 System II is a compact matte box designed to accommodate even wide angle lenses like the Fujinon 4.5 13, while still being lightweight enough to be used hand held. ARRI’s new and innovative patent-pending cage design allows for use of videography-style light shields without sacrificing durability, and gives full protection of the sunshade against shocks.

The MB-20 is supplied with a filter stage for two 4″ x 5.65″ filters. The front filter can be pushed through vertically, the rear filter can be displaced horizontally and additionally rotated. The filter stage is fitted with a rear receptacle for 138 mm diameter filter rings as well as for an additional filter stage for one 4″ x 5.65″ filter and one 138 mm round filter.

Selection of 138mm filters available

Supplied complete with BP-6 birdge plate. Optional 3rd filter stage available.

ARRI MB-20 Matte Box
Top Flag MB-20
PV Filter Tray 4"X5.65" (Landscape)
MB19 19mm Rods Adapter K2.66039.0
Side Flag (Left) MB 20
Side Flag (Right) MB 20
Mattes: ARRIflex LMB 20 / 16mm
Mattes: ARRIflex LMB 20 / 25mm
Mattes: ARRIflex LMB 20 / 32mm
Mattes: ARRIflex LMB 20 / 40mm
Mattes: ARRIflex LMB 20 / 50mm

Flight Case: 52 x 40 x 21cm 8.50kg

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