Canon 200mm F1.8 Prime PL


Canon 200mm/F1.8 super-fast prime lens with PL mount.


Lens Groupset

Canon 200/300/400/600mm primes


PL Mount

Sensor Size/Coverage

Full Frame, Super-35

This has the Optex modification and is supplied as standard with PL mount.

Supplied with

  • ARRI LS9 for 15mm bars mount.
  • Tiffen .3, .6 & .9 ND filters and clear filter.
Canon Prime 200mm F1.8 PL (Optex)
Front Sock
Lens Hood
Lens End Cap (PL Canon)
PL Mount: Canon 200/600mm
EOS Mount: Canon 200/600mm
Arri LS-19 Lens Support
Arri LS-15 Lens Support
19mm Support Rods 540mm
Filter 48mm ND 0.3 85 Combo Back Filter
Filter 48mm ND 0.6 85 Combo Back Filter
Filter 48mm ND 0.9 85 Combo Back Filter
Filter 48mm 85 Back Filter
Back Filter Tray With Clear 48mm
Filter 48mm Optical Flat Back Filter

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