Vintage Lenses are Still Cool

To reflect that VMI’s wide range of vintage and vintage-look lenses, we have redefined the vintage category on our website to now includes 14 different types of sets of Vintage/Vintage-look primes available for hire from VMI.

We are including within this category for the first time, modern twists on conventional vintage lenses, such as Sigma Classic Primes, Canon Sumire primes, Zeiss Supreme Radiance primes and Celere primes, as well as 3 sets of uncoated primes (Zeiss Superspeed, Cooke Mini S4 and Zeiss ZF DSLR primes), in addition to the conventional sets of remounted classic vintage lenses.

This approach means that DPs have much more choice available to them and importantly, great variety which cover full-frame.

Take a look, as there are likely to be several group sets here that you may be unfamiliar at all budget levels.

VMI Vintage Lenses

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