Canon Doubler HD x2 Range Extender


Canon HDTV x2 Lens Extender to double the focal length of B4 Mount HD lens.



B4 Mount

Particularly suited to cinematic-type applications.  Using the lens attachment behind the lens will increase the focal length while reducing depth of field.

Used with HD Prime lens sets to increase the focal range of lenses. Note, this will reduce the sensitivity of the lens by approximately 1 stop.

  • Focal length is shifted to the telephoto side by a factor of 2x.
  • F No. of the original lens is not affected.
  • Only the telephoto side of the lens can be used, the picture corners are eclipsed at wide angle.
  • The minimum object distance becomes 2.25 times that of the original lens.
Canon HDTV x2 Lens Extender
Lens Front Cap
Lens End Cap

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