IB-E B4 mount adapter for large sensor cameras HDx35

Allows B4 mount lenses to fit to S-35 sensor cameras


The HDx2 Mark II is an optical adapter that enables B4-mount 2/3” HD video lenses to work with PL or Canon EF options to be compatible with such cameras as Canon DSLR, Canon C300EF and PL, Blackmagic camera up to PMW-F3, PMW-F5/ PMW-F55, RED EPIC and Alexa.



EF Mount, PL Mount

Broadcast lenses are available in high zoom ratios with wide apertures in a relatively compact size, making them a desired option for many large-sensor camera users. Designed and built by IB/E Optics for AbelCine, HDx Optical Adapters mount between a B4-mount 2/3” lens and a large sensor camera, expanding the projected light to cover the image area.

HDx Optical Adapters increase the focal length of the attached video lens so that the expected field-of-view of the lens is maintained on the larger format sensor. The depth of field of the image will be closer to that of the larger format.

All HDx Optical Adapters optically correct for the different spectral alignments between three-chip prism block sensors, for which the B4-mount lenses were designed, and the single sensor of the large sensor cameras. HDx Optical Adapters are highly telecentric in design, delivering a bright, sharp image across the entire frame, with excellent color and contrast.

The HDx2 mk II adapts from B4 to a Universal Mount System, which allows the HDx2 mk II to be mounted on a wide variety of large-sensor cameras without shop service. It ships standard in ARRI PL, with available adapter mount options including Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony E, and Micro Four-Thirds. The Mark II includes a 3/8-16 threaded hole and two posts for lens support.

The HDx2 mk II expands a B4-mount lens image by approximately 2.2 times, covering:

Vision Research Phantom:
Flex, v642, v641, v341 (up to 1920×1080)
Miro LC320S, M320S, M120


Scarlet, Epic, One (up to 3K 16×9)

Blackmagic Design:
Cinema Camera

Effective aperture is lowered by approximately two stops.


HDx Optical Adapter Compatibility

The HDx35 Mark II and Hx2 Mark II have been designed for AbelCine by IB/E Optics to enable B4-mount lenses to work with large sensor cameras. On this page we have compiled a list of cameras that are compatible with each adapter.

HDx35 Mark II Optical Adapter

Minimum Image Circle Projection: 30.2mm

 Camera Model Camera Frame Diagonals (in mm)
Phantom Flex (2560×1440) 29.4
v641 (2560×1440) 29.4
v642 (2560×1440) 29.4
HD Gold (2048×1112) 29.1
Canon C100 28.2
C300 28.2
C500 28.2
Arri ALEXA (4×3) 29.7
Sony F3 27.1
F35 27.1
F65 27.1
FS100 27.1
FS700 27.1
SRW-9000PL 27.1
F5 25.9
F55 25.9
RED One (4K 16×9) 25.4
Epic (5K 16×9) 29.7
Scarlet (5K 16×9) 29.7

HDx2 Mark II Optical Adapter

Minimum Image Circle Projection: 25.5mm

Camera Model Camera Frame Diagonals (in mm)
Phantom Flex (1920×1080) 22.0
v341 (1920×1080) 22.0
v641 (1920×1080) 22.0
v642 (1920×1080) 22.0
Miro M120 22.0
Miro M320S 22.0
Miro LC320S 22.0
Panasonic AF100 21.6
RED One (3K 16×9) 19.0
Epic (3K 16×9) 19.0
Scarlet (3K 16×9) 19.0
Blackmagic Design  Cinema Camera 18.1

Lens Adapter IBE HDx35 B4-PL
Camera Port Cap B4
Lens End Cap
Support Leg 30 mm
Arri LS-15 Lens Support
Cable Hirose 4M to Hirose 12F for B4 Lens
Cable D-tap to Hirose 12 pin (Canon Style)
UMS PL to EOS adapter for IB/E HDx35

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