Chronos HD 1000fps HD Super Slow Motion Camera (High Speed)

HD super high speed capture of 1000fps


Extremely compact super slow motion camera.  The Chronos 1.4 is a 1.4 gigapixel-per-second handheld high-speed camera capable of up to 1057 frame per second, though at 1280x1024 pixels.



C Mount

Media Standard


Capture Resolution


Completely self-contained and portable, it allows super slow motion images to be taken with the minimum of fuss and cost.

Although it can record 1280×1024 video at 1057fps, though it can record higher frame rates of up to 38,500fps by reducing acquisition resolution.

Don’t forget that you will need a LOT of light to record at super-slow motion frame rates, so ensure that you shoot in lots of daylight or use a lot of location high-speed lighting.

Video is saved in compressed h.264 or uncompressed RAW format to removable SD-XC media.

Key Features

  • 1.4Gpx/s, 1.3 megapixel image sensor captures 1280×1024 @ 1057fps, and up to 38500fps at lower resolution. Available in color and monochrome. The monochrome option has higher effective resolution and is twice as sensitive as colour.
  • 16GB memory allowing 8 second record time.
  • High sensitivity of ISO 320-5 120 (Color), 740-11 840 (Monochrome) enables shooting with modest lighting.
  • See full specifications in the Chronos 1.4 User Manual.

Resolutions and Frame Rates

Resolutions and available frame rates are listed on the chart here.

C Mount Lens Mount and lens included

The Chronos 1.4 includes a C-mount lens fitting and since this is not a commonly used mount, we include a 12.5-75mm f/1.2 zoom lens as part of the package at no additional charge.

Chronos HD 1000fps HD Super Slow Motion Camera (C Mount)
Chronos Camera AC Adapter
Chronos: Computar TV Zoom Lens 75-125 F1.2
2 x SDXC 64GB 4K Memory Card 95/170MB/s UHS-I SanDisk
3 x Batteries
Power Cable Figure 8
Chronos Camera Battery Charger
Cable Fig 8 Triangular
Chronos Camera Manual

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