Vision Research Phantom VEO4K-PL 4K Super Slow Motion Camera (High Speed)

1000fps super slow motion camera with 4K RAW capture


4K Super Slow motion camera capable of shooting 5-1000 fps at 4K resolution with 72GB of internal storage to allow 5.6 seconds of record time at 1000 fps of 4K capture.  This will create 224 seconds of 25p playback (or almost 4 mins in 25p!) of full 4K resolution.

EF Mount, Nikon ZF Mount, PL Mount

Sensor Size/Coverage

Super-35, Super-35 Anamorphic (4:3)

Media Standard

CFast 2.0


Vision Research

Capture Resolution


Until now, The Phantom Flex was the only camera capable of 4K super slow motion capture, however, the Phantom VEO4K achieves this in a much more versatile format, since it is both lightweight enough for shoulder-mounted use (fully stripped-down, the body weight is just 2.5kg) and has a form factor smaller than a RED EPIC.  Most importantly, compared with the very hungry 120W Phantom Flex, the VEO 4K only draws a frugal 80W of power consumption.  Lower power demand means less batteries, making travel easier and the smaller, lighter size also means that you can mount the camera on a gimbal, crane or jib without issue.

Note that Phantom Introductory video and 2 x instructional videos are uploaded to the video tab.

The camera includes a global shutter too and optical low pass filter plus 72GB of on-board RAM and on board CFAST 2 data transfer capability too, to make it perform with the same image performance as a Phantom Flex4K-GS but with the convenient form factor of a Phantom VEO.

You can also partition the on-board memory to enable you to simultaneously view playback, transfer media and at the same time also capture on a loop recording, at the same time.

Key Features

  • 4K at up to 1000 fps
  • At 2K (2048 x 1080) up to 977 fps
  • Super 35mm sensor
  • Global shutter, switchable to Rolling shutter
  • Color ISO 320T (Rolling shutter); 640T (Global shutter)*
  • Recommended EI range is 800-1000
  • PL or EF mount – note if using EF lenses, then check compatibility with the additional information page chart.
  • 72GB RAM standard (5.6 seconds at 4K)
  • on board RAM partition capability.  This allows simultaneous:
    • view playback,
    • transfer media to CFAST
    • and at the same time also capture on a loop recording.
  • CFast 2.0 media compatibility for on board data transfer
  • 10Gb Ethernet option for optimal workflow to external laptop
  • Includes all VEO-S features:  with on-camera controls, HDMI, 3G-SDI, secondary battery input
  • Optional wired/wireless remote available for full remote operation.

At its full 4096 x 2304 resolution the VEO4K-PL is capable of capturing up to 938 frames per second (fps), 1000 fps at 4096x 2160 or 977 fps at 2K (2048 x 1080).  A reduction of vertical resolution will further increase the speed.  The sensor can operate in global shutter (standard) or rolling shutter mode for increased dynamic range and to eliminate the need for black references.

With the maximum RAM configuration of 72 GB, at 1000 fps the VEO4K-990 will allow 5.6 seconds of record time of 4K capture.  This will create 224 seconds of 25p playback (or almost 4 mins in 25p!) in full 4K resolution.

VMI supply 3 x 256GB CFAST cards for a generous provision of off-load capacity and high speed CFAST reader.

VMI’s VEO camera is supplied with 10Gb Ethernet for an optimal workflow, and it includes 3G HD-SDI, HDMI outputs and Programmable I/O.

VEO cameras are known for being built tough enough to perform in difficult environments, and are rated to withstand up to 30G as configured or up to 100G without the internal mechanical shutter option (which is standard on all models). The internal components are completely isolated which protects the electronics for long-term reliability.

VMI’s Phantom VEO 4K is available to hire with either PL or EF mount to be compatible with a wide range of industry standard lenses. 35mm (PL, Canon EOS or Nikon F/2.3″ B4 with adapter). Clearly, the best option would be for the fastest lenses.

Optional Wireless Trigger and Remote Control Option

VMI can supply the VEO 4K with the Able Cine Cameo PCU2+ wireless control unit, so that all functions can be operated at a distance, permitting the camera to be placed in a hide or on a jib/crane or other distance operation mode.  This allows wireless control of up to 2 Phantom cameras simultaneously and can work in wireless or wired modes.  It allows remote control of the phantom camera operations without a laptop, controls the capture process and allows playback mode of all controls playback & save and transfer commands too.

Full Instructional Videos

VMI created a series of instructional videos to help camera operators and DPs to completely master the Phantom VEO 4K operation.




Resolution FPS
4096 x 2304 938
4096 x 2160 1,000
4096 x 1152 1,850
2048 x 2048 1,050
2048 x 1152 1,850
2048 x 1080 1,970
Throughput/Speed 9 Gpx/second
Max speed at full resolution of 4096 x 2304 is 938 fps
At 4096 x 2160 max speed is 1000 fps
At 2048 x 1080 max speed is 1977 fps
Minimum frame rate of 24 fps
Sensor Specifications CMOS sensor
12-bit pixel depth
4096 x 2304 pixels
6.75 µm pixel size
27.6 mm x 15.5 mm
Super-35mm; 31.7mm diagonal
Super-16mm format at 1920 x 1080
Global Shutter (GS): Base ISO 640T Colour; 5000T Mono.
Rolling Shutter (RS): Base ISO 320T Colour; 2000T Monochrome
Recommended Exposure Index range: 1000-1600 Colour; 10,000- 20,000 (GS); 4000 – 8000 (RS) Monochrome
Exposure 5 μs minimum exposure.
Rolling shutter and Global shutter modes (switchable).
Exposure Index (E.I.) for controlling apparent ISO
VEO4K also supports rolling shutter mode for increased dynamic range and limited need for black reference.
In rolling shutter mode the scan time is 1-millisecond.
Memory 72 GB high-speed internal RAM
Support for on-board removable CFast 2.0 cards up to 512GB
Record Times 6 seconds at maximum frame rate, largest resolution and into maximum internal memory
Special Features 10Gb Ethernet (optional)
Segment memory for up to 63 cines in multi-cine mode
Continuous recording
Programmable I/O
HD-SDI and HDMI video
Event marking
Frame timestamp (IRIG SMPTE or MISP)
IRIG in/out (modulated and unmodulated)
7.5 μs straddle time
Standard Internal mechanical shutter for automatic/remote Current Session Reference (CSR)
One 12 VDC, 12W auxiliary power port
Secondary IP address
Field-based firmware upgrades
Triggering Programmable trigger location (pre/post trigger recording)
Trigger from camera body or via software
Trigger from on-camera controls
Hardware trigger BNC
Timing and Synchronization Frame synchronization to internal or external clock (FSYNC)
IRIG in/out (modulated or unmodulated)
SMPTE time code support
Signaling Dedicated Trigger and Timecode In BNCs on camera body
Range Data input on S-model camera body (Fischer)
Programmable I/O ports includes adjustable (assign and define)
signals including F-sync, strobe, event, trigger output, ready and more
Ethernet Connection Control and download connections
Gb Ethernet (standard);
10Gb Ethernet (optional)
Fischer port on S-models; RJ45 port on L-models
Camera Control On-Camera Controls (OCC)
Phantom Camera Control (PCC)
SDK available
Video Out 3G HD-SDI and HDMI on all VEO models.
Additional 3G HD-SDI BNC port on back.
Supports up to 1080p60.
Lensing PL-mount and Optical Low Pass Filter (OLPF) are standard
Canon EOS mount optional (compatible with Flex4K-style EOS mount).
F-mount optional (compatible with v-Series F-mount).
C-mount optional (VEO-4K specific)
Video Processing Brightness
White Balance
Tone curve
Colour matrix
Image flip and rotate
Data Acquisition National Instruments M- and X-Series DAQ modules with integrated support in PCC
Motion Analysis Basic measurements via Phantom Application:
Angles and Angular Speed
Manual and Automatic point collection for target tracking
Compatible with 3rd party solutions
Supported File Formats Cine RAW, Cine Compressed, AVI, h.264 mp4,
Apple ProRes .mov, Multipage TIFF, MXF PAL, MXF NTSC, Uncompressed
QuickTime, Windows BMP, OS/2 BMP, PCX, TGA, TIFF, LEAD, JPEG, JTIF,
Power 100 – 240 VAC, 16-32 VDC via primary power input.
80 Watt 24V power supply included
Secondary power input, down to 12V via capture port on VEO4K-PL
Mechanical Specifications Size (without lens): 5.0 x 5.5 x 6 inches
(L x W x H); 12.7 x 14 x 15cm
Weight: 6 lbs (2.5 kg)
Environmental Specifications Operating Temperature: -10°C – +50°C

Free Software for download, playback and also image rendering

Phantom PCC software provides the main software application that allows users to get the most out of Phantom cameras. While many newer Phantom models have On-Camera Control and remote control capabilities, PCC is the only place that controls every camera function on every Phantom camera model. Fine-tune the resolution, frame rate, exposure, memory segmentation, trigger modes and automatic functions prior to recording. PCC also makes it easy to work with synchronized cameras, manage Phantom Cine raw files and convert files to the format that makes sense for the final project.

Phantom VEO 4K Compatibility with EF lenses

it is imperative if using automatic lenses to check that you have compatibility with the VEO 4K controlling the iris using the + – buttons on the front of the camera.

Below is a list of compatible lenses with the VEO 4K, correct as of 18/1/19.

EF Prime Lenses Checked by VMI Bristol as fully compatible

  • Canon EF 14mm 1:2.8 L USM Mk 2
  • Canon EF 20mm 1:2.8
  • Canon EF 24mm 1:1.4 L USM Mk 2
  • Canon EF 35mm 1:1.4 L USM
  • Canon EF 50mm 1:1.2 L USM
  • Canon EF 100mm 1:1.2 L IS USM
  • Canon EF 135mm 1:2 L USM
  • Canon TS-E 17mm 1:4 L
  • Canon TS-E24mm 1:3.5 L Mk 2
  • Canon TS-E45mm 1:2.8
  • Canon EF Extender 2x Mk2

EF Zoom Lenses Checked by VMI Bristol as fully compatible

  • Canon Zoom 8 x 15 1:4 L USM (Vignette at 8mm to 11mm)
  • Canon EF Zoom 11 x 24mm 1:4 L USM
  • Canon EF Zoom 16 x 35mm 1:2.8 L USM Mk 2
  • Canon EF Zoom 24 x 70mm 1:2.8 L USM
  • Canon EF Zoom 24 x 70mm 1:2.8 L USM Mk 2
  • Canon EF Zoom 24 x 105mm 1:4 L USM IS
  • Canon EF Zoom 70 x 200mm 1:1.2 L USM IS Mk 2 (F6.7 With 2X Extender)
  • Canon Zoom 70 x 300 1:4- 1:5.6 L USM IS
  • Canon Zoom 100 x 400mm 1:4.5 – 1:5.6 L USM IS Mk 1 (F4.6 – 5.7) (9.6-11 With X2 Extender)
  • Canon Zoom 100 x 400mm 1:4.5 – 1:5.6 L USM IS Mk 2 (F4.8 – 5.9) (9.5-11 With X2 Extender)
  • Canon Zoom EF-S 17 x 55mm USM IS (Vignette)
  • Sigma 18 x 35mm F1.8 DC HSM (Vignette 18mm to 20mm)

Not Working with VEO

  • Canon EF 85mm 1:1.2 L USM Mk2 (No Iris Control, No Manual Focus power)
  • Tokina 11 x 16 F2.8 DXII AT-X Pro 11 (No Iris control Locked at F2.8)

Compatible lens list from Amatek (Vision Research)

You are strongly advised to check compatibility of all electronic lenses before your hire.

Vision Research Phantom VEO-4K Camera Head
Cameo VEObob power unit (Phantom VEO2)
Cameo 15mm rods base for VEO-4K
Phantom VEO RS232 Cable Fischer 7M-Fischer 6F
Phantom VEObob Cable Fischer 6M-Fischer 12F 
Arri 15mm support  K2.65264.0 bracket
AC Unit Phantom VEO 200w
Mains Cable IEC
Battery Adapter 15mm Anton Bauer Clip with Quad D-Tap output
Arri LS-15 Lens Support
ARRI: BP-8 Bridge Plate Kit
Power Cable D-Tap - XLR4 F
Cameo V-Lock mount for Phantom PCU2
Phantom VEO EVF Signal Cable DIN-BNC
Phantom VEO Cable DC Power In - Fischer 6F-XLR3M
Phantom VEO RS232 Cable Fischer 7M-Fischer 6F
Phantom VEObob Cable Fischer 6M-Fischer 12F 
Power Cable XLR4M - XLR4F, 2m
Phantom VEO Ethernet Cable Fischer 8M-CAT5E
RS Pan Bar trigger (Phantom)
15mm, Support Rod , 300mm
15mm, Support Rod , 440mm
Phantom VEO Remote start (Pickle) cable
3 x SanDisk CFast2 256GB Memory Card 525MB/s
CFast 2.0 Card Reader (USB 3.0)
Data Cable USB 3.0 Flat End (Micro B)
Choice of 5 x Hawkwoods 98WH batts and 2 x Hawkwoods 2-way chargers 
or 4 x Hawkwoods 150WH batts and 2 x Hawkwoods 2-way chargers
**Optional PCU2+ wireless remote kit
**PL, EF, Nikon or B4 mount (with optional B4 mount adapter) 

Phantom Veo 4K Flight Case: 51 x 37 x 32   17.10kg
Country Of Origin: USA

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