Custom Single-Handed Pistol grip with 15mm bar support and MCS pad

Pistol-grip set for compact large sensor cameras


Pistol-grip set for compact large sensor cameras with MCS Shoulder Pad and 15mm bars fitting.


Pistol-grip operation suits single-handed operation but can be quite tiring, so we supply this as an option to dual handed moosebars.

The price of £10 per day is without shoulder grip and is recommended as an addition to hiring a shoulder kit with either MCS or REDROCK shoulder pad, according to preference.

Note that this requires camera to be fitted with a bridge plate and 15mm bars system, which is available as an option and single handed handle kit also available as an option too.

For the full experience and to assist with improved centre of gravity, VMI can supply a battery clip and ower kit at the rear of the bars to increase the weight at the back of the rig and supply cables to power the camera and peripherals from one source.

Handle - Blue Modular Kit
MCS Pistol Grip with 15mm bars fitting

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