Eye Direct 16×9 Interview kit (140mm front)

16x9 Eye Direct (Interrotron) LARGE SIZE


Teleprompter device for mounting in front of a camera to facilitate the interviewer seeing the face of the presenter rather than a camera lens, to relax a nervous subject. This is the larger version of the Eye Direct, which has a 140mm opening to suit larger lenses.

Eye Direct

With minimal setup, the EyeDirect 16×9 can be used by either a camera operator/interviewer duo, or a lone camera operator. The adjustable wing mirror tilts toward the top or bottom for director comfort. It can easily be used on the left or right side of the camera. It uses a high quality glass 60/40 beam splitter, identical to most teleprompters, the secondary mirror is also glass. The adjustable 22″ sliding baseplate accommodates balance of most professional cameras and includes a riser for mounting prosumer and still cameras. The opening has a 16×9 ratio field of view (10.25″ x 6.25″) and the lens port diameter is 4″. A rubber donut is included to block stray light around the lens barrel.

Works on large cameras and also DSLR cameras too!
The 16×9 unit works will all large cameras including Red/Alexa digital film cameras, full size documentary  cameras (e.g. PDW-700 XDCAM/HDCAM camcorders) as well as compact HDV/DSLR and large sensor cameras such as PMW-F3 and C300 by virtue of the DSLR riser attachment (included).  Note if using film lenses, then you can work with up to Cooke S4i lenses but not MasterPrimes, as too large for the device. (114mm front maximum element size)

Now also an iPad Prompter too!

Each of VMI’s Eye Direct systems now include iPad mounts to turn this device into an iPad teleprompter too at no additional charge!

In order to use this as a prompter, you will need to supply your own iPad device and download a prompter app like ProPrompter Studio by Bodelin, Inc. https://appsto.re/gb/va2w2.i and you use an iPhone to wirelessly control the speed of the iPad scrolling via Wi-Fi!

Download the App and your script, configure it with your phone and then hire the device from VMI and save money on prompting services!

Use a light stand for easier setup

You now have an option to mount the Eye Direct to a Light Stand, so that you don’t have to mount the Eye Direct to the camera and tripod.  This means that you place the Eye Direct in front of the camera for an easier setup. An optional lights stand will now be included with the order at a small additional charge but feel free to advise if you don’t want this.

Eye Direct 16x9 Interview Kit 140mm Large
Eyedirect Mirror
Eyedirect Support Long Plate
Eyedirect Tripod Plate
Eye Direct L-Bracket incl 2 lock screws
Eyedirect semi-silvered Mirror
4x Eyedirect Support Lock-off Screw
2x Eyedirect Lock-off Screw
DSLR Riser
Small Camera Riser
2x Allen key
2x Screw 3/8" Inch
Screw 1/4" Inch
Eyedirect iPad/Autocue Bracket
Eyedirect Foam Protection
Eyedirect Donut
Light Stand - Small 2/3-stage Light (LS08)
Eye Direct Flight Case

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