Fit Frame 8×8 Trace, Chroma key and Bounce Board

Versatile kit with several covers to be used as bounce board, chroma key etc


Versatile 8x8' Inflatable frame including white bounce, white grid (F2), 3 x silks, soft silver and green chroma key covers. Above all, it makes an excellent 8x8 silk for 1.2K punch through for creating a large soft light source. Easy inflatable system which saves space for easy transportation and new valve design which stays fully inflated for 3 days. Kit normally supplied with 2 x C Stands complete with knuckle and flag arm and sandbagd as rentable items at additional cost (not included in kit price), though it is rigid enough to stand on the floor unsupported if preferred.

Fit Frame

Requires 2 x C Stand with knuckle and flag arm to work as optional rentable items, though it is rigid enough to stand on the floor unsupported if preferred.

This is a very versatile lighting accessory which fits in a small peli case but does the job of a 8×8 trace frame and a 8×4 poly board (not to mention silk frames etc!) or provides a clean green chroma key background AND fits into a regular car!

For a inflatable device, it is surprisingly rigid and the portability is a major benefit, as well as the choice of 8 covers which change the role that it plays.

Using the the latest inflatable technology, FIT-Frame™ has successfully reinvented reflector technology and mobile ambient lighting. Incredible strength to weight ratios mean that the weight of rigs and frames has been reduced by up to 75%. FIT-Frame™ is designed to be strong, durable, light and easy to transport and has been specifically designed by professionals within the motion picture and pro-photography industries.

Can be setup in 2 mins by one person and since the pump is dual action, it pumps and also deflates, so deinstall also only takes 2 mins.

  • This revolutionary product is made from extremely durable polyester fabric, reinforced with kevlar corners and designed for extreme conditions, derived from life preserving and kiting industry technology.
  • Shape and integrity of the product is maintained at all times.
  • Construction and disassembly is made fast and effortless. It is lightweight, compact, easy to transport and store.
  • Above all this product is SAFER to use on set than all traditional alternatives, being inflatable it is soft and kind to humans, locations and props.
  • Modular kit creates multi-size surfaces when required.
  • Artist benefits include, state of the art reflector cloths, an infinity edge not found on other products plus it floats on water.
Fit Frame Inflatable 8x8 Frame
Fit Frame Pump With 3x Nozzles
Fit Frame Stand Cuff Adapter
Fit Frame Cloth - Bounce 8x8
Fit Frame Cloth - Black Out 8x8
Fit Frame Cloth - 1/4 Silk 8x8
Fit Frame Cloth - 1/2 Silk 8x8
Fit Frame Cloth - Full Silk 8x8
Fit Frame Cloth - Soft Silver/White 8x8
Fit Frame Cloth - Chroma Green 8x8
8x8 Fit Frame Carry Bag
2x C Stand: 40" with knuckle and flag arm (10kg payload)
2x Sandbags

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