FXLion Mega Cine Battery 620WH 14V/28V/48V

High capacity non flightsafe cine block battery kit


Large 620WH battery for cine and lighting applications with14V/28V/48V switchable power source ideal for any cine or lighting application which requires formidable battery power in a robust and reliable source and can output sustained 400W of power.


Based on Lithium Ion technology, it is 4kg lighter than a Cine VCLX battery and is one of the few cine power systems capable of powering the ARRI Skypanel S60 and Litepanel Gemini LED panels with full power.

However, please note that being based on Lithium cell technology, these are not suitable for air freight.  

  • Size: 22x15x17cm
  • Weight: 17.6 lbs (8kg)
  • Capacity: 24Ah /620Wh
  • Output1: XLR3 for 48V output.
  • Output 2: XLR3 for 28V output.  28V/40A(MAX)
  • Output 3: XLR4 for 15V output.  15V/8A(MAX)
  • Provides Triple simultaneous 12V, 28V and 48V output with maximum 40A power draw.
  • Working temperature: -30°C~+55°C and will delivery 60% of power at -30°C.
  • Based on Lithium-Ion Chemistry
FXLION Mega Cine Block Battery, 620WH with 14V/28V/48V outputs.
FXLion Charger
4 pin Cannon 14V power cable (2m)
3 pin Cannon 28V/48V power cable (2m)

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