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ZEISS MasterPrime T1.3 Prime Set (18-75mm)

Zeiss MasterPrime T1.3 PL Set consists of: 18, 25, 32, 50 & 75mm lenses.

Please read our VMI article Why are Zeiss MasterPrimes so good

MasterPrimes T1.3 Prime Set (18-75mm)

ZEISS MasterPrime 14mm T1.3

Zeiss MasterPrime PL 14mm/T1.3 Prime lens

MasterPrime 14mm T1.3

ZEISS MasterPrime 40mm T1.3

Zeiss MasterPrime PL 40mm/T1.3 Prime lens

MasterPrime 40mm T1.3

ZEISS MasterPrime 65mm T1.3

Zeiss MasterPrime PL 65mm/T1.3 Prime lens

MasterPrime 65mm T1.3

ZEISS MasterPrime 100mm T1.3

Zeiss MasterPrime PL 100mm/T1.3 Prime lens

MasterPrime 100mm T1.3

ZEISS MasterPrime 135mm T1.3

Zeiss MasterPrime PL 135mm/T1.3 Prime lens

MasterPrime 135mm T1.3

ZEISS MasterPrime 150mm T1.3

Zeiss MasterPrime PL 150mm/T1.3 Prime lens

MasterPrime 150mm T1.3

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