Prosup E-Jib portable telescopic 6′ Jib Arm (78-120cm arm) 15kg payload

Lightweight, portable jib with 100mm bowl fitting


Extremely portable and versatile telescopic jib with 15kg payload, so suitable for all cameras upto Amira (depending on configuration).  The telescopic design means that it operates with an arm length of 78-120cm, yet the jib only weighs 11kg.


Tripod Head Mount

100mm Bowl

Incredibly, the E-jib packs into a single wheelable case that’s is 96x40x18cm (38″x16″x7″) and weighs only 17kg (39lbs) with the case.

Please note that you will also need to book tripod legs and tripod head with 100mm bowl fitting and for heavier cameras, consider a Ronford heavyweight 150mm legs option.

Price for Jib arm only (tripod and dolly extra), though this is usually supplied with Sachtler Video 20 legs and head.

15kg payload
Weight: 17kg (39lbs)

1 x Prosup E-Jib 6' Jib Arm 15kg payload
1 x ProSup E-Jib Male Lock off 100mm Bowl
1 x ProSup E-Jib 100mm Bowl Off Set
1 x ProSup E-Jib Optional Pan Bar
1 x Weight 2kg
1 x Weight 5kg
1 x Weight 10kg

ProSup E-Jib Peli Case  35.2 x 91 x 13.4 35.6kg

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