SSE Turbo Track Kit – 4 x 5′ Metal Straights

Lightweight metal track


Made from high tensile aluminium in 5 by 5ft(1.54M) lengths. Track is easily joined by the captive fixings. It is self aligning and can be scissored down from 620mm to 360mm.


The kit fits in a flightbag only 5’4″(1.64M) x 9″(.23M) x 9″(.23M) and it weighs 55lbs (25Kgs) and is compatible with all but the heaviest dollies such as Super Pewee etc.

  • Curves also available in sets of three giving 90° on a 20ft(6M) diameter circle. Weight per set is 35lbs(16Kgs).
  • Scissor metal track compatible with all dolly options
  • Note: dolly extra.
4x SSE Turbo Metal 5FT straight Track Piece
4x Joiners for metal track
1x SSE Track Bag
1x Grips box of 50 wedges

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