Teradek Bolt Pro 600 HD wireless dual receiver

Teradek Bolt Pro 600 mini wireless link with dual receivers


Wireless kit based on the Teradek Bolt 2000 system but has a 600ft line of sight range and can sends full 422 uncompressed HD video the length of a football pitch... with no wires. Accepts SDI and HDMI inputs and transmits to one or more 600 Pro RX receiver.


These are areasily configurable for one Bolt transmitter to multicast up to 4 receivers, support timecode and metadata pass through, and include the USB 3.0 GRAB Engine.

2 x Power Cable Teradek AC-2 Pin Lemo
12 x Aerial Alexa/ Bolt 2000/600 RX Articulated 4"Small
2 x Teradek Bolt Pro 600 HDSDI Receiver
1 x Teradek Bolt Pro 600 HDSDI Transmitter
3 x Power Cable D-Tap - Lemo 2 Pin Teradek (LA-64)
3 x Vision Cable BNC-BNC 50cm
2 x Teradek Long Bolt Locking Screw
1 x Noga Medium Arm
2 x Stand Adapter 16mm Socket 1/4 BSW

Peli case Teradek bolt 35 x 48 x 17 4.45kg

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