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Make way for the film crew (as long as it uses Alexa!) - Primark

Make way for the film crew (as long as it uses Alexa!) - Primark

“The fashion shoot used to be for the stills guys. If there was a video crew, they’d be up second and have to fit around the photographers.” Bemoans producer, Andy Picton.

All this changed with the rise of video on social media networks such as YouTube and Facebook and the arrival of high quality, large format in-store displays. One of Primark’s flagship stores on London’s Oxford Road East was recently refurbished and now features a giant LED screen that cannot fail to catch the attention of shoppers.

Andy Picton, producer with Two Wheel Trike, shot a short film as part of the launch and promotional campaign for Primark’s new Denim line. A regular customer with VMI, he hired an ARRI Alexa with Angenieux Optimo 24-290mm zoom.

“It’s a serious-looking piece of kit,” states Picton. “It instantly gives the video shoot real credibility with the client, the models and – importantly – with the stills photographers. With a DSLR shooting HD, we’d be seen as just another photographer that can shoot and run. The film kit really makes people think differently about what we do.”

However, it’s not just the psychological impact of the camera that’s important. He continues:

“The tolerance, latitude and range you get from the Alexa files is incredible. This means that we can accurately match the precise colour and grade of the stills shoot in post production. And the lens is not simply a sharp piece of glass: its versatility is amazing and it’s consistent and uniform at every focal length. So if the director wants us to get close then do a wide shot, we can do it straight away and we’re very happy with the results we get.”

For speed, quality and reliability, Picton is delighted with the ARRI / Angenieux pairing. He also has a special mention for the VMI team:

“With VMI, I get great advice and I’m never made to feel stupid! From my account manager to the van driver, it’s a great experience.”

The completed videos and a behind the scenes video (with music by The Struts) are at:

The Photographer and Director is Rhys Frampton

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