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Equipment List - RED

RED DSMC2-Helium 8K Camera/OMOD PLUS Package

Latest RED DSMC-2 Helium 8K large sensor digital film camera complete with OFFHOLLYWOOD Command RT integrated module for additional functionality.

This combination effectively turns a RED Weapon 8K camera into a RED DSMC2 PLUS with built-in WLCS receiver and lockit box, similar to Alexa PLUS.

Please note that this used to be called a RED EPIC-W camera but has been upgraded to Weapon spec and is now known as a RED DSMC2 Helium, as it includes a Helium Sensor and 8K/60 Weapon specifications.

Consider the addition of the Kippertie Revolva quick-change filter system

Read VMI's article: WLCS Systems, All you need to know to explore the question of how to choose between the various systems and to introduce the range of WLCS systems which VMI arguably considers the best in their field and explain why we think that they work very well in given scenarios.

RED Weapon Helium spec 8K Helium Camera with Integrated OMOD Command RT option

RED DSMC2-Gemini 5K Camera Package

Latest RED DSMC-2 Gemini 5K large sensor digital film camera system.

Consider the addition of the Kippertie Revolva quick-change filter system

RED Weapon Gemini spec 5K Helium Camera System

Case Studies - RED

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