VMI paid to offset our 121.4T of CO2e carbon emissions generated in 2022 to invest in a project to preserve the Brazilian Rainforest to avoid deforestation over a 30 year project lifetime. In doing so, VMI has become an Albert-certified Carbon-Neutral company, since 2022.

VMI surveyed its staff and clients to select an Albert-certified offset scheme, and a nature-based scheme was overwhelmingly voted for.

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Carbon Offset Project Approved by Albert

VMI’s latest carbon audit and offset scheme has been approved by Albert, the UK’s environmental sustainability hub for film + TV, thus making us an Albert-Approved carbon neutral organisation.

We know that being carbon neutral is not the same as achieving net-zero but in supporting approved offset schemes, we are taking a further positive step towards making positive contributions to the environment while actively eliminating waste and carbon emissions from our activities.

VMI Poll Clients and Staff decide on a suitable Offset Scheme

With so many Carbon Offset schemes available, some of which being not particularly effective, so how to decide on a suitable offset scheme was the quandary facing VMI.

So we turned to Albert, the home of sustainability for the film & TV Industry and found 3 approved projects which we liked and surveyed our staff and clients to see which they preferred and we would select the most popular.

An online poll was set up to choose between a renewables project, a nature-based project and a community-based project and the nature-based scheme was overwhelmingly voted for, which was selected.

Brazilian Rainforest Project

Brazil contains more than 490 million hectares of forest, covering 59% of its entire territory and putting it in second place for nations with most forests worldwide. Most of this forest consists of the incredibly biodiverse Amazon rainforest. Despite covering only 1% of the planet’s surface, the Amazon is home to 10% of all known wildlife species, with many more being described each year. …more

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