Major Project saves 30,000KWH per year

Ealing Council has praised VMI’s environmental efforts by awarding VMI with an environmental award to recognise its effort to save energy in a new IT initiative.  The project managed to consolidate the functions of 4 separate computer servers into one new more efficient server, thereby saving both cooling and power too.  This award was part of an Ealing Council initiative to reduce power consumption in the West London area.

VMI has taken great strides to reduce its impact on the environment and continues to do so, going forward, wherever and whenever possible and previous strategies have included:

  • VMI only uses recycled paper and recycles all paper waste that it produces.  VMI has separate bins for paper and also recycles plastic and textiles in the W3 office.  Presently, there is no bio recycling facility at Victoria Industrial Estate.
  • Batteries when they are retired from service are sent back to the Manufacturer (Anton Bauer) for recycling.
  • Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and other harmful waste are strictly taken to Council recycling points for correct recycling
  • VMI has reduced the amount of plastic that it uses and no longer seals the majority of cables in plastic, checking them and fastening then with velcro tabs. It only seals items in plastic that are deemed necessary and these are in a fine grade plastic, which is biodegradable.
  • Our new building in W3, was purpose built in 2012 and designed with efficiency and reducing VMI’s impact on the Environment as a focus.
  • The entire building is installed with cool LED lights throughout, which offer a better quality of light, less tiring to staff, as well as reducing electricity and cooling.
  • The floors of the warehouse are installed with Ecotiles, which are made from recycled plastic.
  • By reducing transit charges to clients for non timed deliveries, increases the number of drops per van trip and thus reduces trips saving fuel and emissions and this led to a measurable saving in fuel useage over the past 2 years, since inception.
  • VMI has also discarded the use of water coolers, which increase fuel use (for deliveries), plastic production (for the bottles) and electricity consumption (for keeping the water cool). Instead, it has installed water fountains that supply ground-cooled water straight out of the water main for staff and clients to drink.
  • VMI has also eradicated towel waste, having installed Dyson Blade hand driers in both toilets.
  • VMI also encourages its staff to use public transport and sponsors staff to buy bicycles.  At VMI today, at least 3 members of staff ride to work by bicycle as does Barry Bassett, VMI’s Managing Director.

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