CVP Sensor Size Tool

This is an excellent application written and designed by Sam Measure of CVP.  

Every day customers ask us a variation on this question: “Will this lens cover that sensor?” Of course, we are always happy to answer and discuss these questions in more detail, but we thought it would also be useful to create a database to quickly show how different lenses will cover a camera – or to compare coverage of different cameras using the same lens.

This Lens Coverage and Camera Comparison Tool is the result, offering the following practical information in a visual format:

  • Checking whether a lens covers a sensor format
  • Comparing field of view for a lens on a given sensor format
  • Comparing sensor data
  • Accessing lens data
  • Seeing which focal lengths to use to match a B camera to an A camera

We would suggest that you use this as an initial guide; although this tool can show coverage of each lens, we still strongly recommend that you shoot your own tests, as this will not show other characteristics such as resolution fall-off and aberrations towards the edges.

All images have been taken with a medium format camera and with each lens, so please note that your results may vary depending on the latitude of your camera choice and differences in manufacturing tolerances of the lens used.

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