VMI replaces all Sachtler Video-18 & 20 Tripods to latest Flowtech Design

After upgrading its fleet of Sachtler Video 20 tripods to the latest versions back in 2020, VMI has now also replaced its entire Video-18 tripod fleet with the latest design Sachtler Flowtech 100 legs, since they are faster to setup, are lighter, easier to carry and offer greater stability.

Tripods are really important to any shoot – they are like the steering wheel of the camera operator, so when Sachtler introduced a new technology to the market which completely redesigned both the form factor and design of the ubiquitous tripod legs, we were very interested to see if they had improved an already excellent design or found a solution in search of a problem…

Happily, we found that these were indeed better than the tried and trusted Sachtler 3-stage Carbon Fibre legs which we have all been using for years, so we took the plunge and ordered 18 sets all with the latest 100mm bowl version of the Flowtech legs design.

The new design of legs are called FLOWTECH 100 and compared to the previous 3-stage legs, this new design is:

  • Lighter – Legs weigh just 4.1kg but support up to 30kg.
  • Offers more torsional stability.
  • More veratile – The unique design gives each leg individual adjustment while releasing and locking together.
  • Convenient handle makes them easier to carry.
  • Magnet holds the legs together when you are carrying them.
  • Can extend to a max height of 155cm.
  • Can operate lower too – the design allows the mid level spreader to be easily removed and in doing so, they have a minimum height of just 26cm (52cm with the mid level spread in place. 

However most importantly, they are quicker to set up.

One operator told us that from taking them out of the case, you can setup these tripods in just 10 seconds.

If you have 30 different setups per day, this could potentially give you an extra half an hour of shooting time for free! 

It would seem a real shame to hire these lovely new legs with worn heads, so we decided to replace 18 of our tripods with brand new heads and charge the same for them!

Available to hire from VMI:

  Sachtler Video 20S1 with Flowtech 100 legs

  Sachtler Video 18 with Flowtech 100 legs

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