Created Net Zero Roadmap

We’ve created our Net Zero Roadmap! We will reduce our emissions to the limits that technology and society set for us by 2030 and offset any residual emissions along the way.

We believe in transparency, so are pleased to publish our carbon audit and net zero plans written in mid 2021, so that others can share from the lessons that we have learned, to help others to improve their own emissions and environmental impact.

Going forwards, we commit to completing a carbon audit every year and publicly publishing our results. This way, we can demonstrate that we are taking real action to reduce our emissions annually and hopefully be on track with our net zero commitment.

We know that Rome wasn’t proverbially made in a day, so our plan is to fully offset our 2019 emissions in 2022 and aim to half our real emissions by 2025 and hopefully achieve total net zero by 2030.

Most important, we also want to share all of our findings with all other rental companies, to inspire others to follow our lead.

We have only one world, so let’s act together to protect it for our future generations

VMI 2019 Carbon Audit and Net Zero 2030 Plan

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