VMI Group Recycles 100% of Waste – CERTIFIED

Zero to Landfill

As part of VMI’s sustainability drive, we are immensely proud to report that a recent waste audit completed by our waste contractor, Collect My Waste, certified that none of the waste collected from both VMI sites in London and Bristol were sent to Landfill.

Danny Shore, the Business Development Manager confirmed that over the 19 month period of November 2019 to June 2021, our London depot recycled 75% and Bristol depot, 56%. However the service provided by the contractor certified that the remaining 25% for London and 44% for Bristol was recovered. The conclusion of this was that absolutely no waste generated by VMI at all was sent to Landfill.

As you can see from the data, for the duration of your time with us, for both sites, no waste has been sent to landfill.

Danny Shore CMW​ Business Development Manager

VMI changed suppliers after Barry Bassett, VMI’s Managing Director, watched a documentary showing plastic waste which had been sent for recycling, being sent by cargo ship to landfill in Indonesia. We were horrified to find that we used the same waste contractor and changed supplier the very next day.

A lot of small changes can make a very large impact and this helps to confirm our commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2030.

Waste and Recycling Report, July 2021

London Waste Report for 19 months to June 21
Bristol Waste Report for 19 months to June 21

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