VMI switches to ‘Green’ Gaffer/Camera Tape

We are starting to look at all aspects of our business processes and supplier LeMark suggested that their new gaffer tape was more environmentally friendly than the regular type.

They advise that this new ‘environmentally focussed’ version is produced using an energy efficient manufacturing process to produce a high performance, professional matt gaffer tape which is 100% toluene free, has low VOC content* and reduced chemical release agents.

The manufacturers confirm that the natural rubber based adhesive is also residue resistant, which is very important with camera and gaffer tape and a huge leap forward in the pursuit of producing an environmentally friendly gaffer tape.

The most important thing though is that it is the same price (in fact, we have reduced the price!) and as effective as regular tape. To all extents and purposes, it is a 25m roll of 2″ (50mm) flat-matt, non-reflection surface, so a perfect substitute ‘camera tape’ for use in professional TV, film production and you can feel good about doing your bit by buying it!

VMI stock black 2″ and white 1″ rolls from stock and can source more on request.

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*In case you are wondering, VOCs or ‘Volatile Organic Compounds’ are a large group of chemicals which are often found in many domestic and industrial products. These include some air fresheners, cleaning products, cosmetics, paints, adhesives and more. VOCs are generally considered as a contributor to atmospheric pollution and can increase people’s risk of health problems.

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