VMI’s Green Credentials in the news

VMI takes its social responsibility very seriously and has initiated many strategies to reduce its impact on the environment and even won awards for it too, so it is really reassuring to have that recognised by the GTC who wrote an article profiling the steps which VMI has adopted in this aim.

Amongst the many other things currently keeping the GTC Council busy, we have recently been considering how we can improve our carbon footprint and thinking about implementing an environmental policy for the organisation. As good an intention as this sounds, it can be complicated trying to do the right thing and so looking around to see  what others are doing can be a great place to start. Probably the best example we have found of a company within the industry really committing to this in a thorough and thoughtful way is GTC sponsor VMI, which has already introduced many sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Once she has some more time on her hands post Zerb, Alison Chapman fully intends to get more involved in helping formulate the GTC’s policy…

This article is reproduced with kind permission from Zerb and the GTC

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