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Delicious, The Film.  Arri Alexa

Delicious, The Film. Arri Alexa

“Over the past two years, everything has changed. Now we find ourselves using the same cameras and lenses whether we’re producing a TV comedy or an independent feature film. And it also happens to be the same equipment they used to shoot Bond.”

So says Pete Rowe DOP who selected the Arri Alexa as his main camera and Canon C300PL for supplementary unit for the 2013 film Delicious, starring Louise Brealey, Adrian Scarborough and Sheila Hancock. It’s a dark romantic drama based in London about society’s obsession with dieting, made using equipment hired from VMI.

“Filming with the Alexa and a set of Master Primes using the 2.35:1 aspect ratio produces truly cinematic results and as you would expect, the Arri did not disappoint.” Continues Rowe. “The Master primes are fantastic lenses and we shot with them wide open quite a bit.”

However, shooting in small locations, such as a tight professional kitchen and among the crowds of St Pancras station called for a more nimble, lightweight, second camera. With a Canon C300 equipped with primes and – where time was particularly tight – short zooms, the crew was now able to shoot in every location during the 18-days of production. The film features food very heavily and the preparation of beautiful dishes is central, so the C300 worked perfectly for capturing overhead shots of the dishes being readied. The DOP was able to produce sweeping jib shots with ease and had the flexibility to improvise:

“At St Pancras Station we had to keep the crew and equipment to a bare minimum. Seizing the moment, we rigged the C300 and a tripod onto a baggage trolley as an ad hoc dolly. The floors are so new in the station that the tracking shots we grabbed are surprisingly smooth.”

A feature that really shone through was the time lapse facility on the C300. The sun rise and set over London, the coming to life of the city and the traffic along the Thames are ideal subjects for this type of technique, delivering an iconic backdrop to the film.

“Capturing files in ProRes 4444, we know that we have total control over the image in the grading suite. Whether it’s footage from the Canon or the Alexa, we can match shots easily and deliver the colour contrasts and hues that the director wants.”

Delicious is  due for release in Autumn 2013.

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