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Canon C300 (EOS Mount) / CompactPrime T2.1-2.9/3.5 Set (18-85mm)

Shoot Kit 4EF- MMB1/FF4/O'Connor 1030

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Canon C300 Large Sensor Camcorder with a native EOS mount.

Please read VMI's article The Canon C300 Mk II vs C300 - What's the fuss about


Carl Zeiss Compact Prime film lens with DSLR optics (CP.2).  PL or EOS mount.

These are effectively T2.1 Zeiss ZF DSLR Prime lenses optimised to work with large sensor DSLR cameras rehoused in film lens housing to give superior focus movement.

Focus direction is the same direction as motion picture lenses, no reversible follow focus unit required.

Full frame coverage 24x36mm for focal lengths 21-85mm and all have front element of 114mm including 18mm.

300 degrees focus range.

Some people want to know why we have broken with tradition and do not supply a conventional 18, 25, 35, 50, 85mm set.  This is because these are not a speed-matched set with a common T stop, so this will become 18mm/T3.5 (slow), 25mm (T2.9), then the other 3 with common T2.1.  Instead a 21mm has T2.9 and the other 4 are matched T2.1 we find a better combination.  Also the jump between an 18mm and 25mm is quite large, so 21, 28, 35, 50, 85 is a happy compromise!

Zeiss Compact Prime set

  • 18mm CP T3.5
  • 21mm CP T2.9
  • 28mm CP T2.1
  • 35mm CP T2.1
  • 50mm CP T2.1
  • 85mm CP T2.1

Other focal lengths available: 100mm/T2.1

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