4K capture with S35 sensor. EF, B4 & PL mount options


ARRI Amira with 4K UHD option includes the same sensor as the Alexa offering PL, EF or mounts, 200fps slow motion, ProRes and super-ergonomic pickup and shoot dynamics.



EF Mount, PL Mount

Sensor Size/Coverage


Media Standard

CFast 2.0

Capture Resolution

4K, HD

35mm/EF Digital Documentary Camera recording upto 200fps with Alexa image quality to 2K.

  • More than 14 stops lattitude
  • Choice of PL or EOS lens mount
  • 4K UHD, 1920×1080 or 2K image formats
  • 3 x 128GB CFast 2.0 memory cards in standard kit – 6 hours of 2K 4:4:4
  • Ergonomic shoulder mount operation
  • Can adjust the centre of gravity to balance large film lenses comfortably on the shoulder without requirement of additional weights.
  • Pre-loaded LUTs for on set grading function
  • Rugged quality and low power consumption (85W)

Shoots Apple Prores 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 including 4K UHD

This is a stunning high-end camera shooting to CFast 2.0 cards in a reliable format using native Apple FCP Prores 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 format for easy ingest and editing.

Our opinion is with the ARRI Alexa’s pro-focused build and simple post production workflow, that if the workflow is reliable enough to mean that you don’t need to pay a DIT to be on location, then it shouldn’t cost any more than using a RED and really go mainstream!

A Super 35 CMOS Bayer sensor can shoot uncompressed 2K resolutions output in native Prores 4:2:2 onto internal SxS card flash memory.

As of 2015, The Amira now offers the ability to record all ProRes codecs in Ultra High Definition 3840 x 2160 resolution directly onto the in-camera CFast 2.0 cards, at up to 60 fps.

You can shoot high end 1080p video with the camera and have it encoded in Final Cut Pro native codecs (Apple’s ProRes 4:2:2 and ProRes 4:4:4) to allow editing as you shoot without conversion – a rarity in the cinematic HD world.

Compatible Cards

1 x ARRI Amira Camcorder
1 x ARRI Quick Release Base Plate QRP-1 K2.0000399
1 x Amira Wedge Plate Adapter WPA-1
1 x ARRI Amira Viewfinder MVF-1
1 x Viewfinder Bracket Amira
1 x ARRI K2.0007750 Viewfinder Cable 0.5m (Short)
1 x Amira UAP-2 Incl Bars W/ Tophandle
1 x ARRI VAB-1 Viewfinder Attachment inc. 2x 140mm rods K2.0001297
1 x Amira sliding Centre Camera Handle
1 x Mic Holder Support (WhiteNoise Type) Incl Canon Mic Holder
1 x Amira Mic Holder Bracket MHB-2
1 x ARRI BPA-3 Bridge Plate Adapter (AMIRA)
1 x ARRI BP-8 Bridge Plate Top K2.0031436
1 x ARRI Sliding Plate / Dovetail K2.0000324
1 x ARRI K2.0007750 Viewfinder Cable 0.5m (Short)
2 x Power Cable XLR3M- 8pin Lemo Amira/Mini K2.75007.0
1 x USB Memory Stick 8gb
2 x 19mm Support Rod 240mm
2 x 19mm Support Rod 440mm
2 x 15mm, Support Rod 240mm
1 x Camera Port Cap PL
1 x ARRI Amira PL Mount Fixed K2.750030.0
3 x Sandisk CFast2 120/128GB Memory Card 450/515MB/s
1 x CFast 2.0 Card Reader (USB 3.0)
1 x Data Cable USB 3.0 Flat End (Micro B)
Choice of 5 x Hawkwoods 98WH batts and 2 x Hawkwoods 2-way chargers
or 4 x Hawkwoods 150WH batts and 2 x Hawkwoods 2-way chargers
or 5 x Anton Bauer Dionic HC batteries with Anton Bauer TM-4 charger

Arri Amira Flight Case: 68 x 35 x 38cm  18.20kg
Country Of Origin: Germany

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